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The many volunteers have always been the backbone of the Masjid Khalid’s activities.  Many of the activities that we operated are staffed by individuals who volunteered freely during their time.

We constantly encourage people of all ages to volunteer at Masjid Khalid and participate in the good work that is ongoing and our many future projects. We value the contribution of all individuals irrespective of age, skills, background or experience.

Why Volunteer?

Through the Lens of Our Volunteers

When I converted to Islam, I could feel a sense of belonging in the mosque. Everyone accepted me and taught me the values and teachings, especially the religious classes. I was fortunate to attend classes in akhlaq back then by the late imam - Ustadz Hussein bin Makdom. I've been with the mosque since 1988. SInce schooling days. I was involved in all mosque activities. In my younger days, I would spent the whole of Ramadan helping out in the breaking of fast. I was also involved in the committee holding appointment of Treasurer. There is a sense of purpose in life and Islam with the mosque, especially under the leadership of mosque chairman - Haji Allaudin. Many of us volunteers learnt the meaning of being open, accepting all walks of life, community involvement and religious tolerance. We became more receptive to inter-racial activities. Not the reclusive Islam. The mosque supports many events, charity cooking. We also became 'capable cooks' especially briyani cooking. All these took years and great patience in knowledge sharing by Haji Allaudin. Many benefited from his inclusive and loving character. The mosque has a strong foundation in doing charity for other mosques, madrasahs, etc. He brought us together. The volunteers are made up of all races, ages, experiences.

Lee Kim Choom @ Ahmad Lee Abdullah


I've been at Masjid Khalid since I was 6 years old. Masjid Khalid has sort of been my second home. I feel comfortable there with the people, staff and jemaah alike. Masjid Khalid has that nostalgic feeling of a "kampong" mosque and the spirit of "gotong royong". The mosque has many activities and events which enables this spirit to flourish. I feel a sense of duty towards the community and the need to give back and Masjid Khalid has provided an excellent platform to do so. A good example is during the month of Ramadan where the mosque provides a full iftar meal for the public; around 600-800 people for 30 days. Everything is prepared in-house too and starts from the crack of dawn! The mosque also has been developing itself, taking on greater challenges by, for example, opening up a madrasah/halaqah which has been met with overwhelming response and this success gives us the motivation and direction to think of more ways to engage the community, more ways to brand our mosque and more ways to give back.

Tajal Ariffin


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