Timeline of Masjid Khalid

The Timeline


2nd Mosque Renovation

Masjid Khalid expected to be closed for major renovation from July 2020.

Official Start of Halaqah Classes

First batch of Pengajian Hujung Minggu Halaqah Education classes being conducted. Till today, the classes are still popular among learners.

Inter-Religion Collaborations

Masjid Khalid had collaborations with other faith organisations such as churches, temples, community centres, schools, Geylang IRCC.

Official Opening After 1st Mosque Renovation

Official opening of the mosque after major renovation. Haji Allau’din Mohamed took over as Chairman of Masjid Khalid. Began hosting MUIS President’s Challenge Briyani Charity Cookout.

1st Mosque Renovation

Closing of the mosque before major renovation. Masjid Khalid held their Friday prayers at Darul Arqam Singapore for over a year.

Official Opening

Official opening of the Masjid Khalid 2nd Imam initiated a more structured way of learning. There were more interested youth coming to Masjid Khalid to learn and volunteer. This can still be seen today.

For The First Time

Masjid Khalid opened its doors for a wider scope of activities. First Qurban activities performed at the mosque. First mass iftar (tradition of cooking for iftar began in Masjid Khalid).

New administration takes place

Masjid Khalid went under the administration of MUIS (Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura).

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