100 Years Gala Dinner

Celebrating 100 Years of Masjid Khalid’s Heritage

In the year 2017, Masjid Khalid celebrated its 100th Anniversary. A series of events were planned in the celebration which include various outreach programme and carnival. The celebration culminated with a Gala Dinner which was held on the 6th of December, Wednesday, Shangri-La Hotel @ Island Ball from 7pm to 10pm.

We are honoured to have Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong as the guest-of-honour for the gala dinner. The event included a video montage of the mosque’s journey through the years from humble beginnings as a kampong mosque to its present day role as an important node in our national fabric. The mosque has many colourful history in its 100- year journey that was told as a story in the montage.

Adding to the significance of the event were the invited pioneers of Masjid Khalid whom as volunteers make Masjid Khalid to how it is today. Appreciation plaques were presented to these volunteers at the occasion.

Also, to share our joy in making thanks to Allah for the past 100 years, Masjid Khalid donated to 10 non-profit organisations in hope of giving the best to the people of Singapore, inshaAllah.

The guests, which included members from various religious groups and institutions as well as from the mosques around Singapore, were treated to a night of remembrance, music, and a sumptuous feast.

Musical guest Ramli Sarip held an amazing performance while the courses were served. And one of the highlights was definitely the serving of Masjid Khalid’s trademark Briyani dish. May Allah bless this event and may He bless the masjid and everyone volunteering, managing and visiting it, as well as the neighbours and our country as a whole.


To Our Generous Sponsors,
Thank You

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